Can't believe I am typing on my mobile phone.
I hate it when you can't get access to your fav websites when they are officially blocked by your country. FUCK IT
Gonna have my IELTS test on 8 next month, wish myself good luck.
How they managed to shamelessly block tumblr in a flikr of time without telling anybody about why they did it is still a mystery.
Blocking tumblr is really driving me insane these days. Have been driving me insane for like two months literally.
Am listening to the said list of 100 greatest songs of Rolling stone Record, which is quite ridiculous. Haven't got particular feelings about Jack White, love his name though.
How much longer must I wait to see Carlos next time? I wonder where and when it would be.Definitely not in China haha.
Now I wonder how I acquire my Chinese.. Wasn't it just naturally developed through years of practice?? Why am I still finding it pretty hard to speak English despite I learned it for more than 9 years?? Just super worry about my IELTS results.

Things are just like that.

It's really great to see so many fans of Carl posting his pictures and wishing him happy birthday on Weibo, which is basically the Chinese version of Facebook. Carl does have lots of fans in China, and he's a prestigious character out of some reasons which I don't even know where the origin is. But basically he is worshiped by most of the fans in the libs community.Outside the libs community he is also a god-like existence, worshiped by Oasis fans,blur fans,etc.In the fan community of literally all the bands you could think about there is always someone in that fan community who worships Carl and thinks he is like a goddess who runs happiness or luck...
I know it sounds really weird haha but I just couldn't put it better because it is basically what happens and I am not exaggerating it.Carl is called 卡 goddess in fan communities,and if you know a little bit Chinese and you browse Carl Barat Goddess there will be loads of posts.Maybe it's just because his looks more feminine than Pete so he is consented to be the girl in the relationship looool

Carl Barat is an organised religion.That's what basically happens right in China.
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